Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cesar Padilla: RIPPED... 800 T-Shirts?

Can you imagine going on a trip only to come home to your prized collection gone? Something you held near and dear to your heart. And here's the cherry, your mother is behind the whole catastrophe! All for a Rock band T-SHIRT collection... "RIPPED: t-shirts from the underground" comprise of what Padilla has been trying to put back together for over 20 years. Since the day he returned home from a trip to South America and found what his mother did to him. He went on a pilgrimage. RIPPED documents 200 T's of his 800 and counting collection. The chosen represent pure wholesome creativity mostly made by the bands themselves with the only desire being to not only be heard but seen and now timelessly remembered. The T's were photographed in true form, dirt stained and all. Just as they came to him... whether they are found in a thrift shop or sent as a gift. They are what they are to some but to Cesar... well, I think we all know the answer to that! Thanks!

P.s. Images are directly from the book (sorry a bit dark). Yup I bought it on The 2nd photo: T's made by Padilla during his misspent youth. Only to be recovered later...

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