Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The PRADALPHABET Tee Collection

The design team Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag or (M/M Paris) collaborated with Miuccia Prada to create a limited edition T-Shirt collection. Every letter in the Pradalphabet is designed as architecture: as each of the letters are individually drawn up they are interlinked by M/M. "When we were commissioned to design t-shirts for PRADA, we thought that the beauty of buying one is to own a souvenir of a place, a person or an event," says M/M. A memento of a period in time and place within in the world of PRADA. Miuccia Prada is a true visionary without borders of what design is and should be... The PRADA:M/M concept has encapsulated a memorable piece of design for all to view, wear and enjoy. A special made to order of your own name spelled out on a PRADA T is also possible. But anything seems to be possible in the world of PRADA!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nana and the Glitter Googly T

Nana lives in Ft. Green and thinks that the world needs more googly eyes and glitter - And I think she's got something there... She bought her Tee at Opening Ceremony about a year ago and it costs somewhere in the $100 range. Nana can't remember the designer (she cut the tag) but it's very reminiscent of her friend Zach Fleming's artwork. When she throw's on a big cardi and all you see are the bear's head and eyes... Clever secret?... An inside joke? Whatever, I'm convinced! I think everyone needs a googly eyed glitter Tee too! Maybe it's the next trend? Regardless, it's the coolest of the gizillion T's Nana has stocked in her closet. Great pick!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jiang Ni's Perfect Summer T-Shirt

Jiang lives in Flushing. And he hit it spot on with his pick for his favorite T. And yes, a tank is in the T-Shirt family. Understated luxury. Ann Demeulemeester 100% cotton fine ribbed. A bit sheer which makes it perfect for layering as well. It clings to the body just so... that you would never want to take it off! He's had it for about 2 years and got for a steal at $65 (on sale from $250)! It makes him feel like a poet that frolics in an open field only to discover that one inviting tree that welcomes reading and writing all day long. A perfect summer afternoon. Dreamy...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ernesto 'CHE' Guevara: The Rebellious T-Shirt

Che Guevara is one of the most popular symbols to emerge out of the political turmoil of the 60's. T-Shirts bearing the face of the Marxist revolutionary is the symbol of radical chic. A generic device of the underdog. A man willing to die for a cause. A man of his word. The year was 1967 in Bolivia where the road ended for CHE - he was executed. Yet today CHE has become viewed as an inspirational icon of the underdog. The modern day Jesus Christ. After his death on the streets of Santiago Chile voices were heard round the world "!No lo vamos a olividar!" "We won't let him be forgotten!" Time Magazine added CHE to the list of 100 most important figures of the century. A revolutionary who dedicated his life to fight capitalism has become nothing more than a piece of merchandise. In the end capitalism always wins. But the sentiment never will die...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T-Shirt Travels: Film by Shantha Bloemen

Shantha Bloemen volunteered with a community development initiative in a remote part of Northern Zambia: 50 miles from the nearest town with running water and electricity. While adjusting to living in a different culture, learning how to cook "mealie meal" the local cuisine and carrying water on her head which was located a mile from her home.

Something struck her as oddly familiar: almost everyone in the village wore second hand clothing from the west, from the village elder sporting a CHANEL knockoff jacket to women in AC/DC t-shirts. She began thinking if the original owners had any idea that their cast-offs they had given to charities ended up being sold to Africans (at a 400% mark-up) half way around the world. The T-shirt that left the most profound mark on her was a white tattered T worn by an elder chiefdom that read "I danced at Elijah's Bar Mitzvah 1986." The T probably came from NYC and is now worn by a born-again Christian village elder in Africa.

An export agent from Brooklyn told Shantha that The Salvation Army doesn't even unpack most of the donated clothing but sells it to companies for export to third-world countries. Since 1992 when Zambia opened it's doors to free trade within 8 years the clothing manufacturers have gone out of business. Not a single one left in the country. In 2001 Shantha finished the film "T-Shirt Travels" which was aired on public television. We westerners think that dropping off our clothing donations is a good thing. Maybe we should think twice of where our unwanted cast-offs actually go and the impact of those goods and the communities that receive them...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Christian Dion and The Ringer T's

Christian lives in La La land (a.k.a Los Angeles). He couldn't help but pull a "High Fidelity" and do a "on a desert island all time top 5..." Love him for that! But due to my own technical difficulties I could only post 2. The first is a Rosedale Carting ringed crew. The writing is somewhat offensive so he wears it inside out and laughs to himself at appropriate times. He has no clue who made it - the tag is long gone but it's been around for about 5 years. Cost him a tenner.

Next is an old-ass (vintage) Adidas ringed v-neck. It makes them both look good! In his closet since spring break '97. Cost about 5 bones. Christian keeps the bulk of his t-shirts in various dresser drawers and has no clue how many he's got but it's always a pleasant surprise when he picks from anywhere but the top of the pile. So unlike a guy. But he's the real deal. I'm sure this isn't the last of Christian's T's we will be seeing... Muchas Gracias!

Moffie's T: Original COOL

Lisa's lives in Hollywood. She loves a good story.
And this T-shirt has many... It's from Scandinavian
She bought it on the street in NYC about 30 years ago from a homeless guy for about a dollar. It's 100% cotton industrial utilitarian at it's best. The craftsmanship feels and looks like Willi Smith of WilliWear from back in the day! They don't make 'em like this anymore. And with a little finesse from Lisa she turned it into a sexy versatile little number that still works very nicely today. Old School... classic and plain ol' Groovy. Just like the owner!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Devon's T: Double Duty

Devon lives in Brooklyn. Her favorite T is from Maison Martin Margiela (MM6) collection. She loves this T' because it is casual and current yet timeless with the idea of something a little extra-ordinary. It was an easy choice - basic at it's best with a uniqueness that speaks for itself. It goes Day goes into Night... Literally. It's been in her closet for about a year. She picked it up for a little under $200. And out of the 100 or so T's that she has stocked away - this is her fav... Devon was born and cursed with fashion and good taste in her blood. Barely out of her teens she exudes such personal style and charm that we will see her go far and wide in whatever she chooses to do! Keep it real Dev - I know you will...