Sunday, April 4, 2010

Devon's T: Double Duty

Devon lives in Brooklyn. Her favorite T is from Maison Martin Margiela (MM6) collection. She loves this T' because it is casual and current yet timeless with the idea of something a little extra-ordinary. It was an easy choice - basic at it's best with a uniqueness that speaks for itself. It goes Day goes into Night... Literally. It's been in her closet for about a year. She picked it up for a little under $200. And out of the 100 or so T's that she has stocked away - this is her fav... Devon was born and cursed with fashion and good taste in her blood. Barely out of her teens she exudes such personal style and charm that we will see her go far and wide in whatever she chooses to do! Keep it real Dev - I know you will...


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  2. someone i am acquainted with likes to borrow this lovely little shirt from lovely little d!