Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ernesto 'CHE' Guevara: The Rebellious T-Shirt

Che Guevara is one of the most popular symbols to emerge out of the political turmoil of the 60's. T-Shirts bearing the face of the Marxist revolutionary is the symbol of radical chic. A generic device of the underdog. A man willing to die for a cause. A man of his word. The year was 1967 in Bolivia where the road ended for CHE - he was executed. Yet today CHE has become viewed as an inspirational icon of the underdog. The modern day Jesus Christ. After his death on the streets of Santiago Chile voices were heard round the world "!No lo vamos a olividar!" "We won't let him be forgotten!" Time Magazine added CHE to the list of 100 most important figures of the century. A revolutionary who dedicated his life to fight capitalism has become nothing more than a piece of merchandise. In the end capitalism always wins. But the sentiment never will die...

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