Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nana and the Glitter Googly T

Nana lives in Ft. Green and thinks that the world needs more googly eyes and glitter - And I think she's got something there... She bought her Tee at Opening Ceremony about a year ago and it costs somewhere in the $100 range. Nana can't remember the designer (she cut the tag) but it's very reminiscent of her friend Zach Fleming's artwork. When she throw's on a big cardi and all you see are the bear's head and eyes... Clever secret?... An inside joke? Whatever, I'm convinced! I think everyone needs a googly eyed glitter Tee too! Maybe it's the next trend? Regardless, it's the coolest of the gizillion T's Nana has stocked in her closet. Great pick!

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