Monday, March 22, 2010

Jacqueline Bisset & The Simple T

Jacqueline Bisset became a household name in the U.S. in 1978. All because of a Simple white T-Shirt (well, kind of...). When Jacqueline emerged from the water in THE DEEP wearing nothing but a wet T-shirt the film became an instant success and her career soared. The producer said "that t-shirt made me a rich man!" Jacqueline landed on the cover of Newsweek magazine under the title "The Most Beautiful Actress of all Time." As well as the spawning of the "Wet T-Shirt Contest" remember? Spring Break South Florida early 80's? Jacqueline went on to great career success. And is as beautiful as ever. Don't be shy girls... Show 'em what you got!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BUDWEISER T': Need I say more?

Adolph Busch began brewing bohemian lager a.k.a BUDWEISER in 1876. In the 1960's Budweiser (The King of Beers) revolutionized the Advertising world by placing their beer can LOGO on a white T-Shirt. They had no clue what they started. It was an advertising phenomenon, showing how a human billboard can be a great advertising tool! It all started with a simple white cotton T-Shirt and an idea...

John Lennon and New York City

John Lennon wore this shirt with pride and love for his adopted city. He had it on during a photo shoot for his upcoming album "Walls and Bridges" in 1974. And it hasn't been forgotten since... either have you John. Currently (I believe) there is a show at The NYC ANNEX of The Rock n' Roll Hall of fame on Mercer and Broome. The show titled JOHN LENNON: THE NEW YORK CITY YEARS. Where you will actually be able to SEE the FAMOUS T Shirt and other history. Sounds cool to me. If anyone goes let me know... And always 'GIVE PEACE A CHANCE'.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gigi De Montecero's Tee

Gigi lives in NYC. Strike a pose girl... You got what it takes! Looking so classic in this 6 button Henley from American Vintage. It was a Christmas present from her sister and she hit right on. Looking so comfy it goes from day into night with the right accessory. And I'm sure Gigi has all the accessories needed to take a spin out on the town in New York. Dance the night away. Have fun. Thanks Gigi.

Farrah Fawcett & The famous T

Although Farrah Fawcett was only on "Charlie's Angels" for one season this photo which began as a poster then transferred into a T-Shirt will last a lifetime. In 1977 more than 8 million dollars worth of T's were sold! Big bucks for back then! Farrah became an ICON without even batting an eyelash... Girls secretly wanted to be her but wearing the T-Shirt was as close as we were ever going to get! RIP... Farrah - you are missed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hicham's T - Tres Chic

Hicham lives in Brooklyn. I wouldn't expect anything less of his pick for the perfect T. That sparkling smile says it all! His Fav for the summer when he is as bronze as any goddess could achieve... throws on this Missoni V-neck long T. Trouble is in the air. And Hicham loves to get into trouble (although only once in a while). It's been in his closet for about a year and a half. It's a Missoni classic - but save your pennies girls and boys because you will need them all... a mere $1200. But oh the memories will never make you look back or think twice! Gorgeous. Love you honey! Thanks Hicham.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sharon Stone. The Gap T. The Oscars.

Hollywood's night to shine. I'm sure you can't remember who won the Academy Awards in 1996. But I'm sure you remember what Sharon Stone was wearing the night she was nominated for her performance in CASINO. A simple black GAP T. My research shows that she wanted to wear something comfortable. She asked her friend ELLEN and ELLEN suggested "Go into your closet and pull 5 of your favorite items". What she came up rocked the the red carpet and the fashion industry gossip. And is still talked about 14 years later. Always be yourself! Very cool. And a round of applause to Sharon Stone and ELLEN of-course for giving real honest advice. I wonder if The GAP T is still in her closet?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ben Ruhland and The Layered T

Ben lives in Brooklyn. Look how cute he
looks in this layered
combo... The short sleeve is a new organic cotton T from Alexander Yamaguchi shown here in a beautiful power blue for a cool $74 bucks. The long sleeve is a Marc Jacobs Swiss-cotton underwear T and has been in his closet for about 7 years. Back in the day it was $68. Adorable! Thanks Ben.

Basil Racuk's favorite T

Basil lives in Oakland and has had this t-shirt for about 8 or 9 years. It still has many years left. It was a sample he scored for about 2 bucks! The image is not recognizable to the untrained eye. And lets keep it that way! A little mystery always keeps things interesting. I love the color combo... really great. Thanks Basil.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nicole Gulotta's Favorite T

Nicole lives in NYC. This is her current (since November) favorite T. Nicole's friend Ashley Tyler designed the screen and wrote the poetry. Very cool Ashley! Nicole found it in the midst of Ashley's back-stock from her shop on Green Street which closed about three years ago. Nicole said it was love at first sight! The fit is perfect for me. "It makes me feel like I am wearing a sort of talisman for creativity and power." It retailed for about $140. Thanks so much Nicole.

1950's to 1960's the Decorative T-Shirt was born

Jackie Collins
In the early 1950's several companies in Miami started to decorate T-Shirts with resort names and started licensing original artwork for Walt Disney characters. Moving into the 1960's the ringer T-Shirt became a fashion staple for youth and rock-n-rollers. The 60's was also known for the Tye-Dye T. Jackie Collins rocks the tye-dye wonderfully! How Chic you are Jackie! Yet, one of the most popular symbols to emerge out of the political turmoil of the 60's were the T-Shirts bearing the face of CHE GUEVARA. GO CHE!

My 'current' Favorite T-Shirt

Dries Van Noten makes the most amazing t-shirts - if you didn't already know... But they sure do go quick! So if you spot one on a rack grab it because odds are it won't be there for long! Here is my new fav... it's pretty perfect. It drapes on the body beautifully. It has ruching down one side... and is just so comfy! Can be worn dressed up and down. Very versatile. It is from this season - s/s 2010. It retails for around $150. So worth it. Hope you can find one - not to be missed!

James Dean "The Rebel"

James Dean
James Dean ultimate COOL! made the T-shirt the symbol of rebellious youth in the 1955 film "Rebel Without A Cause". Thank you James Dean!

Marlon Brando and the T-Shirt

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando, James Dean and John Wayne shocked the American household by wearing their underwear on national television!(funny right?!) Marlon Brando revealed his naked chest when his t-shirt was ripped from his body! in the 1951 production of "Street Car Named Desire." I need to give credit to the Costume Designer Lucinda Ballard who was nominated for Academy Award and most likely put the T-Shirt on Brando. Welcome to Hollywood!

1800's to early 1900's: history of the t-shirt

The t-shirt or also known as the 'tee shirt' evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century. The one-piece "union suit" was cut into top and bottom and VOILA the t-shirt was created. It was named the T-Shirt due to the garment's outline. It was worn by miners and stevedores (longshoreman) during the late 1800's as a covering for hot environments. During WWI: American troops noticed European soldiers wearing lightweight cotton undershirts during hot and humid summer days. The undershirts quickly caught on with American Soldiers. By the 1920's the "T-SHIRT" had become an official word in the American Language and was included in Webster's Dictionary. By WWII both the Navy and Army included the T-Shirt as standard issue underwear.