Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Small Trades: The panel rib stripe Tee

I apologize in the delay for my non-posting, but things have been very very busy... I would like to introduce SMALL TRADES. A new collection of panel rib cotton t-shirts. The idea of combining a European sensibility with back to basics American craftsmanship ensures that the "Made in USA" label will survive (or so we all hope!). The T's are made by the same family since 1907 in a factory that has been operating since the Civil War. They are simple, classic, cute, non-fashion, wearable and reasonably priced - what more can a girl want in a T-Shirt?


  1. Where can these shirts be purchased?

  2. i do love these and would like to see them at my boutique

  3. hi Paulanna... contact me. where is you shop? thanks!