Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Richard Prince... "T-Shirt Paintings: Hippie Punk"

Down on the Bowery in NYC you will see a T-Shirt hanging in a gallery for 65 grand. And that's on the low, the high end range could hit $125,000! Surprised, shocked? I didn't think so... It is NYC and these T-Shirt paintings are by The artist Richard Prince. The 31 paintings dating from the mid-80's to the present were all created on old beefy T-Shirts stretched over wood or canvas. These t-shirts reflect the personal work of Prince because each one came out of whatever he was working on at the time. The paintings vary in theme and style. Some of the images include evidence of his pop-cultural obsessions (all layered in paint) a Led Zeppelin decal, Woodstock, a Jimi Hendrix image and even a few stenciled jokes... "I went to see a psychiatrist. He said, 'Tell me everything.' I did and now he's doing my act" is one. It gave me a nice chuckle. If you are in the neighborhood pop into Salon 94 Bowery, 243 Bowery and check out the show but hurry it's only open through June 26. But don't fret there's still plenty of time to get down there from The Upper East Side!

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